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2nd September 2014

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"I dont get along with other girls because girls are so bitchy"



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2nd September 2014


Anonymous said: Good job, friend. It takes a lot just to keep yourself going sometimes, and I know it can be hard to go through the motions when you have so much stressing you out. Sorry I don't have more to say, but keep on carrying on. Grab life by the balls, look it eye in the eye and tell it that you are going to fucking get through this and that it can't stop you. Alright I'm done. I hope this helped.

muchly needed

thank ya kindly

2nd September 2014

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Austria Schwmme in a selection by forty illustrations and observations (1830) on Flickr.

Author: Trattinnick, Leopold, 1764-1849
Subject: Mushrooms — Austria; Mushrooms — Austria Pictorial works
Publisher: Wien : C. Gerold
Year: 1830
Biodiversity Heritage Library.

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1st September 2014

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Olafur Eliasson has installed a riverbed inside the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark

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1st September 2014

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I present the most badass gifset on Tumblr.

Legitimately turned on by this

This is the best thing.

Oh my god

I don’t even know this fandom and this is cool.

Reason #999 why the cartoon will always be ONE MILLION PERCENT better than that travesty of a movie. They did so much research and put so much detail in you don’t even notice.

Bonus trivia: Toph got a unique martial arts style to match her distinct version of Earthbending (Southern Praying Mantis style, I think) which the creators found out later was (according to legend) invented by a blind woman. Totally a coincidence, but still so fucking cool.

(If you don’t watch the show, Toph is both blind from birth and the best damn Earthbender in the world. Also, GO WATCH THE SHOW.)

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1st September 2014

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princess peach


princess peach

1st September 2014


If I have learned anything this week
It’s that there is a God and he likes to take shit after shit all over my emotional health

1st September 2014


Lol, about that last post
My phone became unplugged while I slept, which means no alarm, which means I slept through my very first Learning Assistant (basically paid tutoring position) session of the year
So it was possible to be more stressed

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1st September 2014

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I am so godly stressed right now- I want to say I could not physically be anymore stressed, but I’m sure something is going to come along and change that preconception.

It’s at the point that I don’t even what to talk about all the things upsetting me. It would just be nice for someone to recognize that I am still putting forth the effort to wake up and work hard on both my school work and my relationships with people and not lose the momentum I’ve gained so far in life. I don’t want to have to hit rock bottom before I pull my life together again. I’m just trying my best to not have a total mental break down and fuck up my life.

So, yes, what I think I want is a thank you for not having a mental break down this week. Because it’s been a really hard month, especially this week. And some recognition on that would be really swell.



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1st September 2014

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What the hell….

Lmfao, this was not what I was expecting. AT ALL.

Thats the best shit ive seen on here in a long time



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